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Oct 16, 2013

Fall 2013 Polished Disheveled Hair

Disheveled hair.

I had this style for years. Its easy. I just roll of bed get in the shower and foam it up with shampoo and dry it up with towel. Tadaa!

Made popular by Kate Moss. No combing, or hair spray necessary.

My hair is originally super straight according to my hairstylist. I used no hair straightener. No straightening cream. No Brazil Keratin Therapy. He really had to take time to give me those volumes I demanded from him.

Heres a selfie of my once in the blue moon conditioned and combed hair. And my daily disheveled hair.

And put this style on Cara Delevingne.

Mucho Bella Cara

And than theres the polished disheveled hair.

The runaways disheveled hair is definitely more teased and manicured than what I would have daily. Dior had its tease and fizz up at all ends and pull into a sleek bun. And as for Chanel's they had it sleek straight at the roots and lovely fizzles at the ends.

Ready to Wear Dior Fall 2013

Ready to Wear Chanel Fall 2013

Shall we all ditched the perfect blow dry hairstyle for this sexy kitty bed look cherie's ?

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