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Jul 20, 2014

Detox . Fat buster . Exercise . Diet

And since this month is basically the last leg before Raya, starting class, and etc I just have the need to lose the whale fat that is on my body.


I never really give a crap about colon or tummy cleansing until I found out that a good friend of mine back home was so obsessed about it. Some of them do it using laxative, some with chinese tea and some just have weird mix of potions and shakes.

Me ?

I would probably go for tea. I tried some detox pills before but boy it was way to potent for me ( I had to run to the loo every few hours). But I think green tea is good. Or my new found fave the Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea. I like it dark and strong and it really helps with my tummy feeling super light.

And lately I just must have tea before bed and at least after every meal. I feel that the tea helps with cutting calories and have enough spice to get my bowel movement going (fatty poop yuck!)

Fat Buster!

So some food for me I feel have more fat buster properties in it. In particular spicy food, fruits, and tea. I feel that they increase my metabolism in the morning and just helps with fat reduction from the processed food I am in love with.

I try to add chilies into meals or just eat it plain on the sides (newbie be warned if you can't stand spicy food). Although too much could cause pimples (why does life makes me choose??)

I also lovee fibre drink in the morning! It makes and keeps me full till the next meal. Since I have low blood pressure a lil bit of caffeine from some of the types of tea does actually do me good!


There are no other words I can use to say how much I hate/love exercising. But a tip from a friend: even if its only for 5 minute or just a simple stretch in the morning/before bed would do your muscle good.

Most of the time I would just do some yoga poses or stretch techniques I learned back when I was doing martial arts. It really helps me keeping my flexibility because you need to be really all flexed to perform the higher level form of kicking in Taewando.

I guess the key here is to use your muscles and stretch at least everyday to keep  your muscle from collecting unnecessary fat. 30 sec squats, 30 sec star jump, 30 sec scissors kicks....

And I also like to dance!

This is one of my fave video I like to dance too. I mean hello major lady bonner! Can you NOT want to work out after looking at these ladies??

I basically just do whatever that looks fun or the instructor is just one fine looking lady and I want her fabulous abs. Peer pressure is really effective for making me want to exercise. . . .


I have almost no policy about food.

Well almost.

I said I won't eat junk but I sneak it into my mouth once in awhile. Ramen, Kit Kat, Pizza, Cookies, Ice Cream.

I swear to god, all of this are just food from hell because Satan just can't stand seeing us being a skinny/slim/sexy biatch we are meant to be.

But I have been wanting to try liquid diet but to no avail. I guess the only things that works for me is half of cup of rice with veggies and fish/low calorie poultry. Other than rice I love tempeh and tofu with cooked spinach. And I also love grill/bake tapioca.

Well lets see if this works! If not I will post a picture my fatter self here on the blog (Talk about motivation ) I will try to lose it weight for all of you lovelies so we can all feel inspired!! 

A Bientot !

Jul 16, 2014

Menage A Trois ? :)

On one side I have a major major hipster crush on Dave. The guy from Chromeo. You know the hipster guy in crisp Maison Martin Margiela suit and Yves Saint Laurent boots. Who is also a DJ and a French Literature professor thus speaks fluent French the mother tongue of my romantic heart!

David Macklovitch

And on the other side of the spectrum of the male psyche. Ian. Damon of the Vampire Diaries and the ultimate cunning bad boy of my dirty porno dream. He just have the most sexiest eyes and the sexiest bod ever who is by the way a humanitarian and who is by the way a cat person!

Ian Somerhalder

I know I know those guys do not count as a real person because they are probably PR'ed and Photoshopped and airbrushed to an inch of their sexy selves. But you got the jizz.

It goes to say I have some serious dilemma over the type of guys I kinda into.

I never really reflect on the type of guys I like to be honest. But the variety of culture of the previous relationship I had most definitely set me in into this course of certainty of what kind of guy I should NOT be in a relationship with.

Which includes: Dumb, self-righteous, judgmental, overly pious, uber jealous, uncultured, unopinionated, unmotivated and clingy dudes.

Sure I used to have parents approved brainwashed dream like every asian girl when I was younger. I grow up to be a doctor and my husband is a doctor. And I am pregnant at the end of my housemanship that is probably twins. And my husband is a good son and pious husband to the family and we would live happily ever after.

Boy was that a full load of crap.

I am most definitely not a pro of being in a relationship. I never really dated until college and it its because I never really wanted to date anyone until I am ready. But now that I am dating I just don't feel like getting married if really this is the only option that I have.

And here comes the family and aunts and uncle telling me that I need to get my priority straight.

I am a firm believer that anything worth it is worthy of waiting. And I don't mind waiting. Like I am busy anyways with everything that is going on. So it is a little bit safe to say if I succeed in getting away from the claws of my family that I am more into finding my soul mate than just about hitching to the guy that my family would approve.

(I can feel the backlash and wrath from my family)

But till than I am fine with just dating and let me be upfront to say that I am cool with seeing (seeing doest not mean being slutty) a couple of people at the same time just because I am just trying figure out my life. Probably.

Hey at least its better than you seeing other people secretly and having secret emotional feelings and attachment to other guys/girls (you know who you are you judging toad). And at least I am being honest and open about it.

"Bitch I can do whatever I want.."

Jul 15, 2014

New LBD: Rule's of Workaholism.

I would like to think that I am hardworking when I was younger but in reality I know that my passion is just on a lot of things at the same time which results in that I never been able to focus on anything. I am more of a hopeless romantic..don't let my bitchy and snarky comments fool you.

That and the fact that Asian parents think that anything that doesn't revolves around reading books is stupid. Thank god I stop listening to them (...85%ish) when I was shipped away to BS (Boarding School) because if not I would probably be a broken compass with no confidence and with a nonsense common sense like a flipped turtle.

I remember back in high school I was into playing the guitar. Than Taekwando. Piano. Writing. And some weird dorky dance team. Which to be honest I never really get into them as I think I should be because my friends made me go/ some guy that I was trying to impress/naive/etc . I basically have almost zero opinion, a lost innocent kitty on a lot of things until I was the school rebel in BS.

Ahh the countless school arrest, detention and the student disciplinary court that I have to go too, one of my fondest memory growing up. . .

Now needless to say I would spend my whole day in the summer filling up on my internship work and brushing up on French, going to council meeting and consulting for a linguistic research. (Look mummy I am all grown up now! )

How did I get this motivated and the energy to do all of this? 

It is all in the mind...

1. Set a goal and a passion that you are excited about

Forget what you think your family think is cool or what other people think is cool. Trust me as long as you make a lot of money in the end everyone would shut up. People have no clue what they are talking about. Most of the time they say a lot of mean nasty thing so that they would feel better about their trashy selves. Trust me when I say this.

 (I went to a conformist BS in Asia where everyone's dream is to be a doctor/engineer and there can be only one person that can be great. I seriously wanted to puke by the end of the orientation because everyone said the same thing. (no offense to my lovely doctor/engineer friends though, I love you guys and its just that I have 'daddy issues' as most of you know *wink wink )

Lets just say I purposely take this path just to spite everything and because I honestly do believe that as long as you honestly did your best and work hard and smart you will be rewarded. Like seriously can you imagine if everyone is the SAME. Everyone is like an ass wiper??? Like what would the world come to.. Conclusion: Get you own dream that is special to you

2. I realize that I want to make money and I can't do that unless my brain is working.

Lets be honest I do not want to work for other people forever. I am too headstrong for that. But I can't do anything of my own like starting a business for myself unless I can cash in on my own money. The only way I can get money if I work for it or I know someone who could give me some. Either way I need to be at the right place. Which can only made possible if I am working around some ouh la la BIGSHOT. And to be hired by the ouh la la  BIGSHOT I need to be good. I can't depend on my parents alone for help because I need to be able to command my little underlings. And to be able to do that I need people to be able to respect and depend on me. Conclusion: I need to be good and look the part! 

3. I need to work all part of my brain and than some

I mean I am pretty sure most of you have heard about the different types of geniuses. Like the music type and verbal type and all of that. In life you may never know what life would throw at you. And to be honest I have done some crazy stunts to get hired/get into venues and events that I am to embarrass to talk about. And it involves not only my mental strength but my physique as well. Like being able to count the money for bus tickets (plus taxes) without your phone in Arabic as you running top speed to the bus counter while emailing your boss.

Like you need to realize you are responsible for your own thing and your family are only there to help for some things only and support you. It is up to you to learn new thing as you go. Life is about experiencing new things as you go and that requires all sorts of skills that you need to learn yourself. So don't feel embarrass and feel sad for yourself if you don't know. And never stop learning EVER! Conclusion: You need to CONTINUE to developed yourself as whole package: mentally, physically and socially

So yes people that is my rules of workaholism. It is also great thing to try if you are trying to get over some tragic sadness in your life or an empty hole in your heart. That is how I got started when I first started traveling by myself. Save your money from eating junk food or drink your heart out at the bar.

Save your moneyh by making more moneyh.

Jul 13, 2014

A Poorville's journey towards an Insomnia cure

So what do broke people like me do to ease the pain of living in poorville?

1. Pray to god
2. Pray to god some more
3. Make a lists on how to make money and survive
4. Cheapen my lifestyle to below average
5. Read the lists of how to make money
6. Get what I can get from the lists
7. Return to poorville
8. Repeat

(I just want to get my god dang degree and be done with it so I can move on to better things already)

Like seriously what magic trick do a girl have to learn to make greens for herself and finally live independently and buy that Gucci...

I seriously don't know how I survive being abroad for years. Praise to god he still loves me to not let me starve on the streets.

Not only that I am broke, even when I am trying to spend money the money even refuse to show itself. 

This one time I was getting my dollar tuesday Ice Cream at Baskin Robin I was sure I have cash in my jacket. And right about when I am to pay at the register I just couldn't find it. And so happen I didn't brought my purse with me .

....yada yada yada

...long story short I couldn't pay for my ice cream

Ahh the embarrassment...the foolishness... ..  x part 1

But thank god some kind lady when ahead and pay for me, bless her soul, and I could avoid a sad walk home in the rain at night.

And so after all that drama and I am walking all jolly and shit and I was about to open my apartment door. I scoop my pocket for my key and I felt something stuck on my jacket pocket..

The missing ten dollar bills!  

Ahh the embarrassment...the foolishness...  .. x part 2

This must be a sign from god. I don't know what it is but it must be something.

Which gave base to my epic 2 day journey finding my darling iPhone.

So I was on the sofa happily doing my work. And right about when I need to use it I could't find it.

I turn every sofa, I checked the fridge (it happened before), the closet, my purse, I scour every inch of my apartment and I still couldn't find it. I even asked L to call in from work and I still couldn't find it.

The whole looking for the phone thing finally exhaust me to midnight that I just fell asleep on the bed when I was looking for it in between the bed.

The next day. ...

I woke up feeling empty like a phone junkie needing its fix.

I could hear it ringing off the hook at one point from all of the people that had been trying to call me all afternoon (I even missed a call from my boss) and it just boils me to not be able to use it. I was at a point where I was literally at the brink of crying.

Finally somehow I could hear it ringing from the inside of the sofa. . .

And so I look over at the bottom of the sofa and there it was vibrating and flashing from beneath the sofa. I was so psyched that I had to stare at it for awhile to make sure that I am not dreaming.

Boy was I happy to finally to reattach myself to the world. This just further solidify myself as a complete major klutz that I have nothing to say about myself. Although I did get a good night sleep. I must try sleeping without my phone and laptop more often.

Framing sins

I am out of my wits trying to figure out what to do in the summer. And so I thought why not decorate the apartment? 

I need something cheap, non-exhausting, easy that even an 8 year old can do to decorate the apartment.

And I finally I figure it out. Frames! 

So I look around the nearby thrift store to look for crappy frames that I can make do with. And the inner cheapskate in me finally find bunch of them like a cat in heat finding stray mates to woohoo with.

 $0.99 for 1 used frame? Yes! I even found a cheap heart shape mirror to go along with the apartment.

And since I don't have a sketch to fit the frames I decide to cut off from the WSU college art magazine. I have been collecting them for awhile and I figure out that there is no point of me saving them anymore might as well recycle.

So a lil snip here and there. Arrange it to be in the middle of the frame. And tadah!! 

Lazied my way till midnight

I am not sure where the last one should go though, it most def not going into my room. I'm feeling lotsa creepy vibes from it. Don't know why I even frame this one. . . .

Ouh the bathroom. It would be pretty cool to have it staring at you as you do your dirty deed and just there every time you got out of shower.


Jul 12, 2014

Princesses don't drive

There is a first time for everything. And truth beholds. . . .I am driving! (sorta)

I made a vow in boarding school to never ever drive because the thought of it is exhausting. I mean seriously I rather take a taxi or to have someone else's drive me. Sure it is convenient and all but lets just say I am just really spoil. .. 

How did I ever get to anywhere before this?

In boarding school, I would usually take a taxi or the car services. I would always have a taxi or some sort of transportation number on my speed dial. There's no bustling traffic because we are out far away from the city. So I would arrange with some of the local taxi services to my rescue! And when I need to be somewhere I call them whenever I want. (Main $$$$$$ BURNER)

And when I am back in the bustling city I would either call a taxi to my place or wait out outside by the nearest streets. It is a little bit hectic but it is not as hard to get a ride to somewhere.

It is not that hard as everyone would think.

And TBH I like taking plush busses and Taxi's. And I am seriously tempted to move to Europe because they just have the most amazing transportation system there.

My family and best friends don't get it. Mummy would nag at me to get my license (EVEN though she made the rule that I am not to go out alone). My best friend just think I am looney to not want to drive. 

But still I am glad I have people who loves me that are there for me to give me a ride.

Because apart from not wanting to drive, I seriously am paranoid about driving. I am afraid that when I am alone in the car, I'd turn around and a psychotic killer would magically appear. Or a vampire ready to suck my blood out. 

And now that I am in the U, S and A, I kinda need to drive because the taxi services here is AWFUL. 

Me sharing breathing space with strangers/weirdos/etc within 1 meter radius and to have the driver's talking to me??? Eww NOT! I pay you to drive me and entertain me or at least respect my space, not to listen to your teen angst story. . .

So long story short and I guess it is the combination of the right place and the right time as well, L suggested me to learn how to drive; because I would always be taking the scheduled busses to go to anywhere.

Although the winning point that won me over was that "Do you rather know how to use a katana/gun or how to drive during a zombie apocalypse ?" 

But don't get too excited this is just me practicing driving. I still freak out about going more than 35miles/hr 

One step for mankind, and one for me !