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Aug 21, 2014

My ❤️ �� from my Godmother! �� to Mummy Ida ��

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Extra cheese nachos. Black Book. Neddy.

I can be cheesy too you know. You'd probably need to go through my shiny diamond exterior first to get through my cuddly teddy inner self.

In fact I'm super cheesy that it is uncomfortable for me to be totally open about it.

So like all cheesy people I have a couple of really cheesy hobbies. And one of that cheesy hobby is that I have (since god knows when) been collecting and compiling quotes and poetry into my super secret Black Book Journal. So basically I wrote selected quotes and other poetry in between my journal entries here and there that spreads out according to the emotional turbulence that is my entire life.

While I was reading my cheesy Black Book tonight I came across this piece that I feel is just super selfish of me to not share it to the world.

Readers/Lovers/Friends/Families...I just feel that I don't express my feelings and things quite the way normal people should. But I can assure you I do have a heart under this tin can of mine. In fact I love you like I love life and (my many) dreams itself. And like a Bitchy dork that I am I rather post this for you

So world here it is, enjoy:

To Live is to prepare goodbye
For loneliness is a friend, who will not betray
Shiver not in the pouring love, instead buy an umbrella
Believe not in happiness, even in the passions of love
Confess not your love, even if you would die for it

For love is like a season, it comes and goes to decorate life's boredom
The moment you call it "Love", it melts away, an ice sculpture
Goodbye, someday

Happiness last not forever, as despairs lasts not forever
Somedays, there is 'Goodbye'
Somedays, there is 'Hello'
At death, some look back on being loved while some look back on having loved
I shall look back on having loved

- Takao Manako from Sayonara Itsuka

Kuss Kuss Cherie

Aug 17, 2014

Himidlow Brow Face Wash. Kys me my itty lil kitty

Bonjour mon cherie! 


Been meaning to do  this for a while but I'm super super duper busy. I have no excuse but please don't flogged me. I wuvv and need you...

Therefore I made this really invaluable review to get in your good graces again. A GOOD SKIN IS AFTER ALL the perfect canvas for make up and for going Au Naturale. And of course some peanut dish topics to talk about.


What you want is glowing, poreless and healthy skin that can be done with the right cleansing and veggies and water devoured 24/7 daily.

But of course you need the right stuff. And I think this is the best stuff that one can find in the market.

Lo Brow. I do not know much and still pending results:

Purpose face wash was suppose to be better than cetaphil. And around $6 per bottle it is a bargain and last a while. Not to mention it contain less chemicals than cetaphil.


Mid Brow. Used it for awhile and mehh it is ok I guess. 

Like all gentle cleanser it always feel like you have not that clean feeling. But this is just okay in general but I know a handful of people who loves this.


Hi Brow. Used it for awhile and love it.

Its creamy so it might not be others cup of tea. But I just realize that my face works well with a face cleanser tool and so this works well with the face scrub I use. But I do love this and I have a feeling that this would pair well with Purpose for the Hi and Low Brow mix I like. But around $30 per tube..

Sothy's Du Matin


I am going to love ya. Until you hate me

Owh revenge.

There is so many way to annihilate the target of your poisonous affection. I mean death is just to swift and easy. What you want people in revenge is it to be serve frozen cold.

I am talking humiliation, streams of tears, and smithereens soul crushing tragedy.

And like any good girl who were raised by the First Wife/Trophy Wife Club there is no venomous and sharper knife than those that belongs to a wronged lady. And there is no war that were started by some Dumb Slut/Bimbo that cannot be ended by a Crazy Lady

Yes a version of my psychotic self has finally mitosis and reach its momentous turn.

(God please forgive me for being an ungraceful girl, I promised you to be good last month but I just can't stand it and so I thought I took a Big Sarcastic Bite)


You said you were a crazy Badass.

You lied about being right, to the point that you believe in it yourself.

You played victim even when clearly you are just taking the opportunity to get what you want without even giving a thought of others that you could hurt, like a little child.

I was wronged to naively give a chance to you but I learn fast.

But really you shouldn't have play family....

And clearly you are forgetting something else as well: I am Always and Forever will be the A+ Biatch between us.

But first let me be a shallow petty lunatic cray cray who can finally scratch her 7 years itch: YES!!! YES!! Yess!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!! .... I Won.

Rest in peace Ahole. I look forward the day when I can see your face and savor Karma's gifts.

But till than while everyone is mourning for Robbie Williams I will mourn you. I hope you love the flowers I sent you all the way from YouAssAndAyyy. The color suits you well now :)

Kuss Kuss Cherie

Aug 7, 2014

A dream. A Perfectionist. Head out of Bum. But I won't.

Happy Eid!

I sorta took a break for the Ramadhan month since my mummy would probably have a heart attack with all the crap I would write. But anyways I am back!!!

Hosted a small, private dinner party with people from the university linguistic department, and international/jet set/intellectuals enthusiast. Very civil and non-crazy. Filled my days with productivity.

I guess my my "eloping-to-Thailand-with-Transexuals" and "Concerts-trotting" days are officially over! Or not. . .

Like duh I am still young doik! Why would I change my current life for diapers and in-laws? Ugh god no. 

You guys can procreate all you want but if there is another mini me the world ain't that big for anotha QueenB like me. 

I am so fab and glam for anything less. But what if I couldn't made it? Oh my god I work my bum off and god knows how summer is like my much needed long over due vacay!! 

No. No. No. No NO. NOO!

I know my friends and family say that I daydream too much. But it is not daydreaming if you work for it. I mean that is why you have dreams right so that you would work for it. 

And not just say/write it on 'things-I-want-to-do-but-DIDN'T' LIST ..or say rant in blogs....

I mean I have done almost every thing that people say I couldn't do and did it anyways. Like why is a tiny bump in the future would deter me. 

When I was in 6th grade some douche say I am too dumb and lazy to get into 1st class. Guess where I a went to school for high school?
People say Im pudgy, I lose weight.
My dad says go to Medical School. I went into Econs. 


One is to piss them off. Second to prove myself wrong. 
People say I am not that.. I just have to prove them wrong.
I am just to stubborn for anything what people tell me to do anyways. 

And obviously I am too oblivious about other people that all I think about is (working on) myself. 
Yes I can see myself in the future.
Just myself on top of a BIG pile of money. 
My dream is to one day have so much money that I could do a Scrooge Money Dive. 

And help the poor and needy and myself. I mean seriously like have you seen how sad some people are like? I get so depressed when reading stuff online. And since Steve Jobs is not doing anything (apart from being dead) I guess I should do something right?? And hello I neeD constant supply of Lancome Mascara owhkay...

Yes throw me the materialistic title or whatever at me. I'll have you know I am willing/want to worrk for my sucky sucky Dollah love me long time ok. 

Ever since I was a little girl I know how I want my life to be like. 

I want a loft studio looking place with cool art sculptures and art collection and cool CD's and LP's collection. And a closet filled with top notch beauty regimen and designer collection shoes and outfit. And a mini library office where I would do work for my milyawns and record my perfectly diverse asset portfolio that would make Alan Greenspan cry. Plus a greenery area where I would host dinner and afternoon tea and yoga.  And I am in walking distant to organic chicken and wild fish and fresh fruits and vegetables or at least I am in an area where I can hail cab easily and have Car Services on speed dial. 

Retiring? Heck no I would probably love my own thing that I don't want to quit. I'll just be uber cool and chic classy all the time. With a vibe of Anna Wintour. A splash of Cinderella. And a sprinkle of Tinker bells magical dust. . . .

Mon ami

Jul 20, 2014

Detox . Fat buster . Exercise . Diet

And since this month is basically the last leg before Raya, starting class, and etc I just have the need to lose the whale fat that is on my body.


I never really give a crap about colon or tummy cleansing until I found out that a good friend of mine back home was so obsessed about it. Some of them do it using laxative, some with chinese tea and some just have weird mix of potions and shakes.

Me ?

I would probably go for tea. I tried some detox pills before but boy it was way to potent for me ( I had to run to the loo every few hours). But I think green tea is good. Or my new found fave the Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea. I like it dark and strong and it really helps with my tummy feeling super light.

And lately I just must have tea before bed and at least after every meal. I feel that the tea helps with cutting calories and have enough spice to get my bowel movement going (fatty poop yuck!)

Fat Buster!

So some food for me I feel have more fat buster properties in it. In particular spicy food, fruits, and tea. I feel that they increase my metabolism in the morning and just helps with fat reduction from the processed food I am in love with.

I try to add chilies into meals or just eat it plain on the sides (newbie be warned if you can't stand spicy food). Although too much could cause pimples (why does life makes me choose??)

I also lovee fibre drink in the morning! It makes and keeps me full till the next meal. Since I have low blood pressure a lil bit of caffeine from some of the types of tea does actually do me good!


There are no other words I can use to say how much I hate/love exercising. But a tip from a friend: even if its only for 5 minute or just a simple stretch in the morning/before bed would do your muscle good.

Most of the time I would just do some yoga poses or stretch techniques I learned back when I was doing martial arts. It really helps me keeping my flexibility because you need to be really all flexed to perform the higher level form of kicking in Taewando.

I guess the key here is to use your muscles and stretch at least everyday to keep  your muscle from collecting unnecessary fat. 30 sec squats, 30 sec star jump, 30 sec scissors kicks....

And I also like to dance!

This is one of my fave video I like to dance too. I mean hello major lady bonner! Can you NOT want to work out after looking at these ladies??

I basically just do whatever that looks fun or the instructor is just one fine looking lady and I want her fabulous abs. Peer pressure is really effective for making me want to exercise. . . .


I have almost no policy about food.

Well almost.

I said I won't eat junk but I sneak it into my mouth once in awhile. Ramen, Kit Kat, Pizza, Cookies, Ice Cream.

I swear to god, all of this are just food from hell because Satan just can't stand seeing us being a skinny/slim/sexy biatch we are meant to be.

But I have been wanting to try liquid diet but to no avail. I guess the only things that works for me is half of cup of rice with veggies and fish/low calorie poultry. Other than rice I love tempeh and tofu with cooked spinach. And I also love grill/bake tapioca.

Well lets see if this works! If not I will post a picture my fatter self here on the blog (Talk about motivation ) I will try to lose it weight for all of you lovelies so we can all feel inspired!! 

A Bientot !