Apr 16, 2014

Abroad: When do I start living?

Bonjour Chérie! 

As I look at the never ending pile of homework at midnight I feel like . . . a dying cow.

I don't know why that is the choice of words I choose but really I feel like a cow being dragged to the slaughter house. I'm just so tired to even eat at times. All I want is to sleep at the end of the day despite me wanting to hang out. Why is there always something stopping me from doing other fun and cool stuff?

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. And that I should be grateful.

But I am grateful, I do, honest I do. I am blessed and I should feel happy. But. . .humans being humans nothing is ever enough I guess. I am halfway across the world from home and studying abroad, which is cool! But in reality I'm just stuck in a college town with only bars and frat house as the most exciting place to be at.

I'm a city girl, spoiled and sheltered to the core by my parents.

But now life literally force me to do things I never had done before for if not I had to keep eating junk and be fat (although I feel like I did gain a few kilos/lb). The portion size, the preservatives (fish fillet in a packet anybody?). I don't want to sound rude but sometimes everything is just so weird no matter how many times you see it. But it's not in a bad way, just different.

Not to mention the times I had to explain myself why I am such a weirdo for doing things that I did. Or pinpoint Malaysia in a conversation (its the banana shape country between Thailand and Singapore). Or encontering mean/insensitive people who makes me cry, trying to "correct/fix" me. American english terms/ British english terms. The list goes on..

But despite that I finally learn to appreciate the things that I do have. To be able do things that other people couldn't do and not to forget to say thank you to god and feel happy regardless of what happens and smile. 

And I finally figured that the key of living right now is too just start living already. There is no special formula to make you feel special or to feel and look better. You just have to do it instead of saying and imagining it to yourself and accept all the pain and joy of doing what you do.

That is when you live.

Apr 15, 2014

I don't dress up to class anymore

Good morning!

As I scribble this from my Microeconomic with calculus class I realize I'm in my school sweater and jeans and beanie.

I do not even took a second look in the mirror and barely had time to put my spf on before running off to my labor economics class at 9 am

What happen?

I slept at 3 am last night. I didn't woke up till 8am because I was trying to finish off assignments for the same classes I have this morning. It is not due till at least few more days.

But the reality is there is no way I could finish this assignments in one night. I had to do it earlier.

The compensating differentials of how I look at class for the grades I want is really high. Can my ego of trying to look my fabulous self all the time going to cost me my grade?

Sure there is time management and I can try to minimize the casualty of my ego.  It would work by allocating time for everything I needed to do to get ready in the morning.

But what does that mean for all the girls who did not look as good as the girls who did have time to dress up in the morning? Does how you look by the end product of hair and makeup and beauty sleep makes a girl more desirable than the other?

That that would mean that every girl can be pretty if they just work on it.

The right question to ask than would be when do you really need to dress up. I mean is anyone going to care or notice if my shoes don't match with my outfit?

Well maybe that one friend who everyone silently hate will. Or a bitch. Because lets face it most guys I know don't really care or just incapable of noticing you or anything about your outfit and makeup unless he thinks he is getting laid (I said most not all).

So why am I dressing up in the first place if no one is going to notice? Isn't dressing up is about being different and to stand out from the others?

So I guess the right answer is you are dressing up for yourself. You want to dress up because it speaks of your identity. Whether you care or not what you wear and how speaks about you.

So instead of feeling down I should feel empowered. 

I am brave enough to walk out underneath the sun  without giving a thought of how people would thought of my outfit. I am really hardworking and ambitious thus that is why I look tired and disheveled all the time.

I hope this would serve as a reminder to me and for all you other mean judgy people that smirk at other people based on their outfit.

This is the look of people who are making the right investment for their future. In my case the return would be in the form of money to buy all the designer clothes I want in the future.

The people who is going to look good at the right place at the right time. (I mean come on its just Pullman)

Apr 14, 2014

Quarter Life Crisis: College Graduation!

Bonjour Chérie!

With a year to go before finally graduating from college, I wonder what is on everyone's mind now that  you are seeing your friend's posting pictures getting ready for their walking ceremony?

Sure things are going to change because I can't stay like this forever right?  (I hope not)

Here are the list of things that rotates through my mind when I'm thinking about post graduation and what I am doing now to solve them:

"What can I do with my major?"

The best place to start is your university advising and career services. You can come in and drop your resumes and cover letter and tweak it right away which is the convenient part. They are really helpful in helping you to figure things out by pointing at a direction but the tricky part is; you have to figure out yourself what's next. No one is going to pushed you anywhere so you got to push yourself, which is the hard part especially with assignments and any other excuse you make for yourself. I would say work on it on the weekends for an hour or so, which should give you plenty of ideas and time to work on it without burning out.

Read job ads to know what is hot in the job market right now and  figure out the proffesional lingo for your resume. Or you can take the startup route which not a lot of us might want to take. Either way you got to start to look for a job 9 months in advance and start making connections because that is the average time for college graduates to find one after graduation.

School clubs is also a good way to go to find opportunity too! Keep your eyes peel for company visit to built that networking that you are going to need!

"What about my relationship?"

Probably the next dreaded question I ask myself everyday. A lot of us would finally meet someone by the end college that you probably love very much. It's like puppy's love but with more grown up stuff if I can put it that way.

Chances are a lot of you would move away for jobs and etc which can make things really hard. I do not want to say you should break up but I am not saying you should stay in a doom relationship either. If both of you wants to work it out and have a clear plan about where both of you are going to go with each other than do it! I'm all hands down about fighting for love. But if you guys are not than I would just say just each other company while you still can.

And as for the singletons, spare your self a 50% chance of heartbreak and wait for until graduation!

Well that is basically the summary of my life as of now loves (apart from trying to find a new roommate). Here is a cool video of the Vlogger Jenn (love her!)

Mar 26, 2014

Beauty Trend: Snail Slime Cream!

Bonjour Cherie! 

Looking good is not just about wearing the right stuff for you, you have to feel good!

Which means having beautiful skin is almost necessary for anybody who wants to look good. God knows how hard I work and hunted for Holy Grail products that seems so elusive from my reach.

So anyways I did not think about writing on beauty products until one of my friend mention about the sheer volume of beauty products that I have. It just fills more than half of my vanity area!

My family and BFF's just love to tease me about how I would pack the whole vanity every time we were to travel somewhere; I'd have a bag just for beauty products alone...

But they would get really curious as well and me being a beauty product junkie would just sit hours on end explaining each and one of them. I'd take it super seriously and really I would buy them based on reviews from other blogs and ship them from wherever they may be. 

One particular face cream that really interest them is, wait for it. . . SNAIL SLIME Creme!

This is the one that I have. Snail Recovery Gel cream by MIZON.  

I promise it is not as creepy and gross! 

But to be honest this is one of the best product that I have ever tried. I was looking for something to recover from Micro-needling and just so happen I found this little HG.

The best part about this is that it works for me. And I have only been using this for a couple of months.

My skin recovered quickly. Scars are fading. Oil production reduced. My skin is glowing. And it just felt so much balanced and better.

The gel cream just feels like a slippery clear gel with no scent and a little goes a long way.

And somehow I got my mom and her friends to try out some other snail cream brand for mature skin as well. Etude house I think?

This trend were picked up by many of the asian beauty products companies and I seriously don't doubt why.

How long will it last ? . . .god knows

But one of thing for sure I would continue to use Snail Slime Cream for as long as they were produced and I have the greens in my bank account to buy it

Feb 18, 2014

Why Haute Couture matters?

Bonjour Chérie,

It is Spring. And I've always feel a little bit of sentimental when it comes to this time of year. It reminds me of colors, being reborn, and Haute Couture. . .

If you do not know what haute couture is; it actually a high end fashion show catering the most elitist of fashionista around the world. Although it does not make sense to some, but it is always one of the most highly anticipated international fashion show. 


Because It is Over The Top. Extravagant. Its The Ultimate Opulence. . . . 

. . .even more so than the normal fashion that all of the luxury brands had already hosted every season

Every single pieces are custom made to fit to each clientele that orders them. Using the most expensive and of the highest materials of course. And each piece of clothing and accessory; everything that you see on the runway is NOT found in the normal fashion house rack. 

That way each and every single pieces is unique and one who wears them can avoid fashion malfunction of wearing the same outfit with someone else. 

Here is FashionTV summary of this year Spring 2014 Haute Couture in Paris.

Nov 8, 2013

DIY your own makeup trend!

Not sure how to start your fashionista career? Just plain clueless on anything makeup? Or just reading stuff  on the internet?

I've got you covered! 

1 . Know your face key features 

Everyone has features on their face that defines their face. The key here is to accentuate the pros and minimizing the cons and work with what you have.

Season makeup trends are mostly revolves around these key features;

Skin. Eyes. Lashes. Cheeks. Lips. Brows.

A professional runaway makeup face chart

These are the usual key plays. It just doesn't go any further than this, unless human starts sprouting something else. 

The idea is you are putting something on these part of your face: These are the parts of your face that you are going to apply something on!

One advice that I always give out is I would ask "What are you going to put on?". They'd have no clue what and where. And ending up putting on every thing in their makeup bag. Which is wrong. 

Conclusion: its not to put on everything in your makeup bag onto your face. Its to put makeup onto your features. 

2 . Pick your features

Pick 2 or 3 to accentuate never more. Pick ones that you like most about your face. Or the one that is the "in" season. And go easy with the rest.

More would risk you looking like a clown, less won't be enough to pull it of. Be clear of what you want to achieve. 

                            i.e :   Strong:lips+brows   Warm:eyes+lashes    Neutral:skin+cheeks

3 . Study your "Bookmarked" features on ad's and adapt and keep up

Your favorite key features can vary. Its just basically your preference. 

Your might love your eyes cause your skin is such a pimpl'ville. But it would clear up and now your skin is now your favorite.

Strong eye makeup is the in thing. But blushing cheeks might be the next season forecast. 

Cat eyes 

Au Natural skin and cheeks

Learning how to recognize makeup differences on key features in trends is important in oder to analyze the current trend. 

The trick of looking all fashionable all the time is to tweak one or two things at at time. 

4 . Learn techniques to apply makeup

There are so many ways you can apply makeup. Some of the basic must knows and hows are:

- applying liquid/powder/mouse/cream/etc. foundation correctly
- pumping lashes with mascara
- eye brows grooming and shading
- blushing/bronzing/highlighting face
- eyeliner application

Eye makeup measurement

A Favorite: Eye defining

One of the major differences in makeup look is how its applied and the different colors and textures of the makeup you are playing with.

Youtube is a great place to refer and share as they are not paid by people who are trying to sell products (well maybe some). But still there are so many step by step tutorials that can help.

                                                      i.e : FashionTV, linked at youtube

5 . Experiment and Have fun!

One of the things that I think new girls don't do enough is experiment on their makeup. They are scared to put on that green eyeshadow on their face or that red lipstick on their eyes. 

Lock your door and go crazy! Green minimize redness on skin. Lipstick makes great cream eyeshadow for the eyes. 

Everyone has a different way to do it and what might work for your friend might not work on you. Just be patient and find your own thing and share you experiance with others! 


I hope this helps. I really honestly think all girls are beautiful. What matter the most is the heart and the effort you put in. A happy girl is after all a beautiful girl! A hating girl is after all an insecure girl!

Spread love and heart all uniqueness

Oct 18, 2013

Heads up: Isabel Marant X HM

There are days that I remembered when flip flops and Roxy shirts are the best look in the world.

Oh puberty were art thou if not making growing up weird and awkward. 

Now if I could pinpoint a designer that embodies my wardrobe ensemble that could only mean:

Isabel Marant

Chic boho with flare and a dash of wanderlust. Whats not to love in mix matched studded pieces and big sweaters. Ready for chilling with friends and ready for an appointment next. (Serena van Der Woodsen...?)

Now days the Parisian designer are busy launching her new boutique in L.A and of course her new line collaboration with H&M. And that would also include menswear monsieur and mademoiselle. Its must have been a good year for Isabel. 

Here's a peek at her line: 

Women's Collection Summer 2013

Women's Collection Fall2013

Men's Collection Fall2013

Date to remember:  November 14th!

Pictures taken from: