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Sep 30, 2014

"When I look back, Owh wait I never look back."

“When I look back, Owh wait I never look back.”

- Me

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11 Upcoming Horror Movies You Should Be Excited About // October...

11 Upcoming Horror Movies You Should Be Excited About // October = Birthday + Chocolates + Birthday Cake + Costumes + Horror movie marathon + More chocolates. I just love October!!

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Aug 21, 2014

My ❤️ �� from my Godmother! �� to Mummy Ida ��

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Extra cheese nachos. Black Book. Neddy.

I can be cheesy too you know. You'd probably need to go through my shiny diamond exterior first to get through my cuddly teddy inner self.

In fact I'm super cheesy that it is uncomfortable for me to be totally open about it.

So like all cheesy people I have a couple of really cheesy hobbies. And one of that cheesy hobby is that I have (since god knows when) been collecting and compiling quotes and poetry into my super secret Black Book Journal. So basically I wrote selected quotes and other poetry in between my journal entries here and there that spreads out according to the emotional turbulence that is my entire life.

While I was reading my cheesy Black Book tonight I came across this piece that I feel is just super selfish of me to not share it to the world.

Readers/Lovers/Friends/Families...I just feel that I don't express my feelings and things quite the way normal people should. But I can assure you I do have a heart under this tin can of mine. In fact I love you like I love life and (my many) dreams itself. And like a Bitchy dork that I am I rather post this for you

So world here it is, enjoy:

To Live is to prepare goodbye
For loneliness is a friend, who will not betray
Shiver not in the pouring love, instead buy an umbrella
Believe not in happiness, even in the passions of love
Confess not your love, even if you would die for it

For love is like a season, it comes and goes to decorate life's boredom
The moment you call it "Love", it melts away, an ice sculpture
Goodbye, someday

Happiness last not forever, as despairs lasts not forever
Somedays, there is 'Goodbye'
Somedays, there is 'Hello'
At death, some look back on being loved while some look back on having loved
I shall look back on having loved

- Takao Manako from Sayonara Itsuka

Kuss Kuss Cherie